4 Things You Are Doing Already That Can Save You Cash

4 Things You Are Doing Already That Can Save You Cash

If you’re a small business owner, there are things you may already be doing that can save you cash. The following tips are aimed to help you see how your business is currently running and how these actions can help save you money in the long run when it comes to write-offs for your taxes.  

  • Your cellphone: Everyone uses a phone for day to day activities; however, as a small business owner, have you stopped to ask yourself how much of that time goes towards your small business? You may be using your cell phone for business calls, text messaging potential clients, and more. Cellphones are a vital resource for every business person, yet it is something that we do not think when tax season comes along.  
  • Emailing on your cell phone or at home device: Emailing on your phone or home device due to your business can be yet another reason why you can save money when it comes to doing your taxes. As a small business owner, our cell phone is a necessary device that helps elevate our business by being able to reach clientele. Even emailing at home requires the use of your home wifi network. 
  • Social media marketing on your devices: As small business owners in this day and age, social media is a must-have if you want your business to succeed. Many of us use apps such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and more. If you are using these apps for your business, it is something that is included under your cellphone bill. Yet another reason why it can be a resource that can be written off to save you money. 
  • Apps on your cell phone: To communicate with clients, employees, and vendors, etc. we may require the use of voice memos, dropboxes, and even video and photos. If you use these kinds of apps or devices on your cell phone, you may also be entitled to saving money. These tips also include those of you who are Uber or Lyft drivers who use your phones to work every day. We need to strategize and see what is contributing to our business and how they may affect us. 

You may be doing all of these, or only a few of these things listed above, however, you need to try to save money in any way you can. A tax strategist can guide you and advise you on proper, accurate ways to save money when it comes to doing your income taxes. As a small business owner, we cannot afford to leave any stone unturned. Stay informed, and make sure to keep updated with us. 

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